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Children's Library

Try This! Spiderweb Tangle

Play the Spiderweb Tangle Game

Set up a spiderweb game in your living room. Unwind different colors of yarn throughout the room, wrapping it around various pieces of furniture until you have a huge tangle. Hand each child the end of a different color of yarn and have them follow their color to see who gets their web unwound first. 

KRARI Book Giveaway

Kids Reading Across Rhode Island (KRARI), Rhode Island's One Book, One State community read program for kids, selected Changeling Book 1 in the Oddmire series.  It's a fast-paced fantasy novel great for 4th - 6th graders, and we want to give you a copy to keep!  How can you get your copy?  Watch one or both of the videos created by the author, William Ritter, just for Rhode Island readers, then stop by the Idea Studio anytime we are open, and tell us why you'd like a copy of the book.  Copies are limited, so we will gladly hand them out while supplies last!

Black Bears in RI: A RIDEM Division of Fish and Wildlife Virtual Presentation

Join the RIDEM Division of Fish and Wildlife for a family-friendly virtual program about bears! In recent years, black bear sightings have increased in Rhode Island, raising the question, "How many bears are here?" In this program, you'll learn about black bears, about interesting field work completed in partnership with the URI Wildlife Genetics and Ecology Lab, and how to coexist with these critters.


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