Large Meeting Room

Spinning Vinyl Records with record player

Hi, my name is Katie. I support a gentleman named Rodney. He wants to start up his own record spinning group and invite his friends and also people in the community as well who enjoy listening to all different kinds of music/artists and spinning records. Rodney will provide his own record player/ records for him to be able to play his records. I did request the large conference room for him due to us needing it to be handicap accessible. This is something Rodney would like to try and if its a great turn out he would like to utilize a room possibly once a month.

Social Security Basics

Join us for our social security basics course
Topics Include:
-Strategies for how and when to file depending on your personal situation.
-Advantages for married couples who coordinate the timing of their benefits.
-Ways to claim a spousal benefit even if you’re divorced or widowed.
-How Social Security timing works in relation to your 401k and IRA retirement savings.
-How to minimize taxes on your Social Security benefits and so much more
Reservation required due to limited availability


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