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Sunday hours will begin again on September 8.

Large Meeting Room

Credit for Going Green: Meeting Water Quality Standards with Buffers

The capacity of buffers to protect water quality is widely acknowledged in scientific literature. However, until now there has not been a way to quantify the ability of restored or constructed buffers to reduce pollution, or for communities to receive credit for their use under MS4 permits. As a result, buffer restoration or construction has not been considered alongside other structural best management practices (BMPS) in projects involving land use change.

Microsoft Word: Basics

Learn how to create letters, resumes, and other documents.  Learn how to save and print your work. Practice basic editing techniques, setting margins, inserting pictures & more.

This session will meet in the Large Meeting Room of the Warwick Public Library. 




Bridges, Barriers and Boundaries: Ensuring Culturally Competent Care

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender adolescents (LGBT) are the only subset of the adolescent population which is routinely stigmatized and deprived of support in every major area of life. That these young people suffer the ill effects of societal stigma, isolation, and bias is evidenced by their substantially higher rates of substance abuse, depression, and other mental health disorders; suicidality; homelessness; family violence; truancy; sexual acting out and other at-risk behaviors.


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