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The Hare by Melanie Finn

Picked by: 
Katie Arnold

The Hare

 by Melanie Finn

 The Hare follows Rosie Monroe, beginning with her growing up in a New England town with her loveless Grandmother.  She was orphaned as a child, and is lonely and unhappy, but is a talented artist and wins a scholarship to Parsons School of Art in NYC.  There she meets and falls in love with a much older man, Bennet. Bennet is elusive and secretive, but comes from money and introduces Rosie to the lifestyles of the Very Wealthy.  She drops out of school when she becomes pregnant, and there starts a journey into self-discovery.  She finds Bennet to be not worthy of the trust she has naively placed in him.  They flee one situation to the next, for reasons unknown to her, but that are clearly sinister.  The three escape to a rural Vermont cabin of Bennett’s family.  Bennet cannot live in the poverty that is their new life, and finds excuses to abandon them.   Rosie quickly has to adapt to surviving on her own and raise her child, with only the help of one kind neighbor, who teaches her to hunt and live off the land.   Years go by and Rosie has built a life for herself and daughter.  Although still extremely poor, she is happy.  Bennet surprises her by showing up unexpectedly, and throws her life, once again, into chaos.  Rosie has to make a life-changing choice, which will come back to haunt her. 

The Hare is a compelling thriller of a woman’s perseverance.

By Katie Arnold