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Such a Fun Age

Picked by: 
Katie Arnold

Review for “Such a Fun Age”, by Kiley Reid

Emira Tucker is an underemployed, aimless, college graduate who works 2 part time jobs; one as a babysitter for a wealthy couple in Philadelphia.  Emira is feeling pressure to get a “real job” that offers health insurance, and stability for her to support herself as her 26th birthday quickly approaches.  But Emira loves babysitting for 2 year old Briar.  Briar’s mother, Alix has developed a successful “brand” of herself as a brilliant letter writer and-ask-for-what-you-want feminine platform. She is supposed to be writing a book during the time that Emira watches Briar.  Briar’s father, Peter, is a TV personality, and after he makes an insensitive racial remark on TV, there is backlash with a brick thrown at their house.  When this happens, Alix & Peter call Emira to come and take Briar so she won’t be at the house when the police arrive, even though it is 11 pm.  Emira has been out at a party, so she is dressed for a night out, not for babysitting.  Emira takes Briar to the local grocery store, which is in a white, affluent neighborhood, and Emira is black.  As they are killing time there, a nosey shopper alerts the security guard to address her suspicions about why Emira is there with Briar.  The confrontation escalates when another shopper videos the interaction between the security guard and Emira.  Peter arrives and clears up the misunderstanding, but the experience changes everything in Emira’s life.  Emira develops a relationship with the handsome man, Kelley, who filmed the incident.  Alix becomes hypersensitive to her relationship with Emira.

Emira has great friends who help her work out the complex issues that revolve around race, and Alix and Kelley.

Available as an audiobook and ebook.