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Get a Library Card

A library card is free to residents of Rhode Island and students who reside in Rhode Island. The Warwick Public Library is a member of Ocean State Libraries Consortium. A library card from the Warwick Public Library entitles you to borrowing privileges at all RI public libraries. Books borrowed at any RI public library may be returned at any other public library in the state. (Local policies may vary.) 

Non-residents of RI who work in RI may be issued a Local Use Only card. Proof of employment (work ID, pay stub) and verification of your home address is needed to obtain a Local Use Only card. A Local Use Only card can only be used at the Warwick Public Library.

You can choose to either register online or register at the library.


Register Online

To register online, you must have an email address. 

Click here to get started.



Register at the Library

To register for a card in person, you will need photo identification showing your name and current mailing address, or two of the following:

  • Car registration
  • Personal or payroll check with printed name and address
  • Current utility bill
  • Welfare Card
  • Identification by a member of staff
  • Telephone directory
  • City directory
  • Valid Green Card
  • Rental/lease agreement in patron’s name
  • Proof of official mailing – credit card bill, bank statement, not personal mail
  • Passport
  • Military ID



Teens (14 to 17 years old) may use the following forms of identification to obtain a library card:

  • Current student ID
  • Bus pass
  • Report Card
  • Class schedule


Applications for library cards for children under 14 must be signed by a parent or guardian with proper identification. 

Lost cards can be replaced for $1.00.


Click here to see the hours of your local Warwick Public Library location


Renew Online

One month before your card expires, we will try to automatically renew it.  If we are able to confirm your address, your card will renew automatically.  If it doesn't and your card expires, use this link to renew your card online


Application PDF Download

Download Card Application Here for use at schools and off-site locations.

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